Thursday, 3 May 2018

The North Face Womens Hedgehog Fastpack Lite II GTX Trail Shoe Review

Having three little boys with seemingly endless energy means that I spend alot of time outside. For our outdoor adventures good quality, practical clothing and shoes are a must so when I was given the chance to review a product from The North Face by Simply Hike I was excited! I picked out The North Face Womens Hedgehog Fastpack Lite II GTX Trail Shoe to review.

The trail shoes are described as a lightweight, waterproof shoe ideal for fast hikes and difficult terrain. Perfect for our varied trips out and about. I have been putting the trail shoes to the test over the last couple of weeks. As you will know the weather has been up and down with days of bright sunshine and other days of endless downpours so i have able to use them in varied conditions.

The North Face Womens Hedgehog Fastpack Lite II GTX Trail Shoe

Monday, 30 April 2018

Meal Planning Monday #18

Happy Monday! I have been quiet over the last couple of weeks and haven't posted up my meal plan for the first time in years. I have still been writing a plan just not blogging it.

Last week we paid a visit to our local donut place, Temple Coffee in Leeds, honestly they are amazing. Luckily we live a bit of a drive away or I would be tempted to go far too often, they are anazing. I need to go back to try the Orange Blossom donut.

pink strawberry donut glaze

Friday, 27 April 2018

Tech Will Save Us Electro Hero Kit Review

Seb and Alex really enjoy making circuits and investigating how things work so when Tech Will Save Us got in touch and asked if they would like to review an Electro Hero Kit I knew they would love it.

The Electro Hero Kit helps children learn and explore with electricity. Using play dough they will create sound effects and light by making circuits and conducting electricity while following an on screen guide. I was happy to see the batteries are already included in the kit and all I needed to add was some play dough. I used ready made but there is also a recipe to make your own.

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Monday, 9 April 2018

Meal Planning Monday #14

Happy Monday! I am so happy today, the sun is out and I have finally been to see The Greatest Showman(loved it). A very good start to the week, let’s hope it continues.

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Last weeks meal plan went well, the giant sausage roll was amazing and huge!,I am definitely making it again for summer picnics. This week we have really easy dinners, things I can make in my sleep. As well as our meals I am making up a batch of 7 vegetable pasta sauce and will do some baking as well.

Monday Omelettes
Tuesday M&S pasta meal deal
Wednesday Cottage pie
Thursday Pasta and meatballs
Friday Katsu Chicken and rice
Saturday Pizza night
Sunday Roast chicken

What will you be eating this week?

Monday, 2 April 2018

Meal Planning Monday #14

Happy Monday! I hope everyone has had a lovely Easter and are enjoying the long weekend. We woke up to a covering of snow this morning, it’s April! I’m hoping my shopping arrives tonight  However we have leftover birthday cake and Easter eggs to see us through.

homemade Yorkshire puddings

Friday, 30 March 2018

Simply Cook Review, Try it for £1!

I recently saw an advert for Simply Cook pop up on my Facebook feed and as a lover of subscription boxes (and food!) I decided to order myself one and give it a whirl.

Simply Cook is a recipe subscription box. They send you the spices and pastes for four recipes from around the globe (there are over fifty different meals) so you can create delicious meals at home adding between 4-6 fresh ingredients. Sometimes I feel that our regular meals can get a bit repetitive, I thought Simply Cook could spice things up a little without me needing to buy obscure ingredients that I may never use again.

simply cook contents

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